Sex Toy Recycling!

We are so pleased to announce Canada's first sex toy and vibrator recycling program! At Come As You Are Co-operative, we've concerned ourselves with the politics of sexual pleasure, and as sex toys have become more popular, we've become more and more concerned by the number of sex toys that wind up in landfills. As such, we're introducing our silicone sex toy and vibrator recycling program in Canada - and we'll even reward you with a 15% Off coupon for recycling your old sex toys with us!

Currently, we are only accepting silicone and ABS plastic sex toys and vibrators for recycling. We will let you know when we come up with a plan for all of those rubber dildos!

If you have a silicone toy or vibrator that you would like to recycle, please wash (or boil!) your sex toy, and drop it off in-store at 2 - 6 Ripley Ave (just west of Spadina!).

If you are located outside of Toronto, please drop your sex toy in a Ziploc-style bag, and mail to:

Come As You Are Recycling
2 - 6 Ripley Ave
Toronto, ON M6S 3N9

Be sure to include your return address so we can send you a coupon to receive 15% off any future purchase in-store or online!

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